Sara Hildén Art Museum

Best Architectural Design for Museum

About the project
Our proposal for the new Sara Hildén Art Museum is a contextual addition to the urban fabric of the Finlayson district, enhancing the existing urban thresholds and creating an experience that is, at once, memorable and iconic.
Framed by the scenery of Wilhelm von Nottbeck Park, the museum emerges as a monolith, its geometry and proportions carefully informed by the scale and rationality of the surrounding 19th century industrial buildings. The museum’s bold volumetry stands in careful contrast with the richness and finesse of its exterior skin: a self-supporting brick façade designed to provide varying degrees of transparency and opacity, creating a protective enclosure that safeguards the exhibitions whilst providing carefully curated views of the surroundings. Responding to the site’s dual-aspect, the building’s exterior pleats away like an urban-scale curtain, framing the main entrance to the foyer.

Tampere, Finland

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
Luca Poian Forms.
Research-based architectural design studio investigating the relationship between form, materiality and construction methods. Our ultimate goal is to create spaces that are both highly functional and spiritually uplifting. We refrain from short-lived fashions and aspire to deliver timeless and environmentally conscious buildings.