Science Centre

Best Architectural Design for Museum

About the project
This new center creates a different identity for the functional urban environment of Tmovo, where the volumetric mass of the building floats on a new urban fabric. Breaking the solid stone geometry of this green blanket that floats on the new urban context have 3 volumes, which give scale to the building and endow it with character.
Rejecting the notion of museum architecture as a neutral fund for exhibitions, the building itself is designed to be a teaching tool to demonstrate scientific principles. As an institutional aspect to improve public understanding of natural systems, address and exemplify environmental responsibility. Several strategies are being used to inspire learning and understanding, including the revelation of building structure and mechanical systems, technologies for energy saving and water reuse, and the integration of Slovenia's native ecologies in landscaping.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Applicant and authors of the project
ELA (Edu Lopez Architects) is an architectural design firm based in Madrid, Spain with diversified services, including architectural design, urban planning and interior design. ELA's mission is to offer exceptional design ideas and solutions through the creative mix of human need, caring for the environment, value creation, science and art, participating in a wide portfolio of office projects, civic, cultural, health, residential, academic, transportation, landscape and mixed-use.