Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
The Sepanj project is a small size villa in the suburb. The client’s requests, limitations, and features such as affordability, sustainability, high quality standard, speedy construction process, moveability, and some limitations of supplying the materials on the site location inspired me to use the shipping containers for this house. Since the shipping container has limited area and width, every meter of space has crucial importance. Therefore, extending the living area and making the atmosphere of the spaces brighter, and intensifying the sense of being seamless with nature are considered the main strategies of design. Expanding the habitable area and making a dialogue with nature was created by fading the borders between outdoor and indoors to integrate nature with interior spaces and blur the boundary line between inside and outside to reach greater freedom.

Sari, Iran

Project implementation year

Extra visual materials (photos, videos etc.)

Applicant and author of the project
Seyedsina Seyedi: «I am a 31-year-old architect. I have experience working as an architect for over six years in architecture offices. In recent years I have participated in several architecture competitions and earned some achievements. Recently, I graduated with honors from the Polytechnic University of Milan in sustainable architecture and landscape design.»

Other participants
Photography: Zhav Studio
On site control team: Seyedsina Seyedi — Mohsen Dehghan
Project Manager: Seyedsina Seyedi


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