Sevcable Port

Best Implemented Creative Space Design

About the project
Sevcable Port is a project aimed to revitalize the industrial facilities in the St. Petersburg Haven, turning it into a cultural and business venue. Open in September 2018, it keeps extending.
The walking embankment with a view over the Gulf of Finland within has become the city’s new carte-de-visite. Sevcable Port houses 600+ events a year, including educational programs, concerts, exhibitions, sport events, markets, film shows, food and music festivals. This place uses the best revitalization practices. In 2019, it has been attended by 1,650,000 visitors, including 300,000 tourists.

40 Kozhevennaya Line, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Sevcable Port

Authors of the project
Investor and project initiator: Sevcable Group
Architectural concept: Khvoya bureau
Project curator: Alexey Onatsko