Shenzhen Qianhai Telecommunication Center

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The world’s first high-rise data centre is currently being built in Shenzhen, China. While it is common practice to build offices and flats high up, schneider+schumacher is applying this concept to data centres for the first time. The building height reaches 99.9 meters, the construction area is 10,733.89 square meters, and the number of cabinets is about 3,800. The project is expected to be completed in 2024. An important aspect of how the building integrates into its surroundings was to ensure an attractive appearance. Required was a special design for the mainly windowless façade, and this has resulted in a spectacular external cladding system, which incorporates movable elements. The movable facade system shows the binary code of the universal number Pi (π) – thus reflecting the building’s computational theme – where the 0‘s have been designed to move with the wind, creating a lively and interactive façade.

Qianhai, Shenzhen, China

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Applicant and authors of the project
International architectural firm headquartered in Frankfurt am Main (DE), with branches in Vienna, Tianjin and Shenzhen. Till Schneider and Michael Schumacher founded schneider+schumacher in 1988. Since then more than 100 buildings, urban development projects and numerous product designs have emerged. The office’s spectrum ranges from housing to industrial buildings, from a highway church to high-rises, and from museum work to a particle accelerator.

Other participants
Client: Shenzhen Qianhai Construction & Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.
Construction Documents Design: China Northeast Architectural Design & Research Institute co., ltd
Communication Design: Zhongtongfu Consultation Design & Research Institute co., ltd
Landscape Design: Rehwaldt Landscape Architects
Facade Design: CIMA Project Consultancy Co. Ltd., Shanghai