Sinuous Ordinance

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This project is a blood bank built in the campus of the Medical college of Goa. Blood donation is usually stigmatised and traumatic. We wanted to make sure that our design would encourage donors to do this altruistic deed and hence a building, that would reflect all of Goa’s culture with nuance. The curves of the building are designed considering the climate of Goa which has torrential rainfall. The curves are carefully calculated so that the water always flows down and never stagnates and hence would never percolate or leak inside the building. The windows are large and across the whole built form designed to make sure that every space has enough ventilation, spectacular round about views of the sea while following the guidelines of WHO and FDA. We have also proposed a skating and sledding park on the roof of the building bringing extra revenue and attract people. This project follows the strict guidelines of blood bank governance but still flows easily and hence Sinuous Ordinance.

Goa, India

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Shortlisted for the WA Awards for Public Building

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Hsc Designs believes in combining the client's requirements, context challenges, climate and community requirements to come up with unconventional solutions for projects. Each of our project has an intrinsic experiential value that makes the spaces more usable and enjoyable for the end user. What sets our firm apart is that we approach every project individually, making sure we take care of the clients functionality and budget without compromising on good design.