Sistan & Baluchestan Rural Education Space V2.00

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About the project
Our group believes that children are building the future of the world. If human society is to thrive and have a better and more beautiful world, a suitable educational environment must be designed and established for the flourishing of talents elsewhere.
This project is not just a school, which is why we call it a rural education space. The project is actually a simple, low-cost, nature-friendly construction model for rebuilding and enhancing the quality of the village building, a space for village people to gather and empathize, to connect with people, and to create opportunities to raise the level of personal knowledge of the community. Rural is a haven of natural and abnormal disasters along with the development and flourishing of the new generation's talents.

Sistan & Baluchestan, Iran

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Additional information
Winner of World Architecture Awards 36th cycle, ReTechs Cup 2021 — Festival of Applied and Problem-Based Research, winner of World Architecture Awards 34th cycle & This project has also been published in various national and international media and websites.

Applicants and authors of the project
Architectural Designers: Mohsen Kheirmand Parizi & Seyed Mohammad Hossein Rahmati
Research and Development: Mohsen Kheirmand Parizi
CG Artist: Seyed Mohammad Hossein Rahmati
Advisors and guides: Dr. Mohsen Moosavi, Faculty Member of the University of Mazandaran; Dr. Mohsen Kafi & Dr. Mahdi Akhtarkavan
Islamic Azad University — West Tehran Branch (WTIAU) / Rawagh Studio

Other participants
Translator: Hanieh Lotfipour