Smart farming among residential suites

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About the project
Smart farming is the latest frontier in agriculture's quest for productivity. The use of machines, sensors and management systems can significantly increase harvest and reduce cost and labor. Due to climate change, rising air temperatures are already warming freshwater ecosystems. Some lakes and streams have already experienced water loss due to summer droughts. These and other changes are likely to continue and accelerate in the coming decades and impact water quality and quantity. In this project I have tried to share an idea to harvest rain flows and storm water for agricultural aims among special communities such as residential buildings to reduce waste of rain and snow flows. There would be some storage among the residential buildings as modern farming colonies to product herbal and corps for the residents. the storage will have different levels for various herbs and corps. Irrigation systems in this project include drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and surge irrigation.


Project design year

Applicant and author of the project
Gita Kaviani Asl, Master of Architecture

Project status
Conceptual design

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