Riviera beach – reconstruction stages 1, 2

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About the project
Riviera Beach is the 1st modern public space in Sochi.
Extremely popular in the Soviet times, it became deteriorated and abandoned. As they’d been planning a pedestrian bridge across the Sochi River and a walking route across the beach, this area needed quite a rearrangement. After reconstruction, the place once again got popular. Tourists and locals come to this modern and comfortable space that is compliant with all the global resort standards. In the year of its opening, the Riviera Beach was awarded with the Blue Flag, a high level international award competed for by the best beaches of the world since 1987.
Phase 1 was completed in 2020, Phase 2 – in 2021.

Sochi, Krasnodar Region, Russia

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ab2.0, architectural bureau

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