Sohag Tower

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
This is a mixed used public facility building which is designed to serve people of the vicinity of Chagal Naiya, Feni, Bangladesh which is a border area. The site is situated in a developed area and people of this area are mostly expatriate. Since the owner of the site is a businessman and he wants revenue from this project, so my suggestion was to make shopping mall and residential complex on top, also This site demands a shopping mall since there has no well equipped mall around. I planned 3 floors for mall and rest of the floor for residential units. We explored local material and local context. Since Bangladesh has hot-humid weather, architecture here needs more opening, more lighting, more ventilation, emerged with nature and has to have more connection with plants. I tried to keep open space all over the plan and tried to make cross ventilation wind pattern by placement of massing. Also I used some hollow concrete block to make a tunnel effect to make cool interior space.

Feni, Bangladesh

Project design year

Applicant and author of the project
Diponker Karmoker.
«I have graduated from North South university which is situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am practicing architecture individually and also I have established a architectural firm named “Variance Architects” . We as a team are practicing through our firm for more than 5 years.»