Solar Veloroute

Best Landscape Architecture Project

About the project
Bike roads (Veloroutes) are becoming an increasingly important element of modern transportation concepts in cities and peripheral areas today.
The idea of covering the bicycle routes with «Veloroutes» — the aesthetic, electricity-generating photovoltaic canopies and transforming them into attractive landscape structures is not only sustainable, but creates a kind of sculptural variety that becomes an architectural symbol for the change from gas-powered cars to more sustainable ways of mobility.
Just one Kilometer of the “Veloroute” provide around 2000 MWh of electricity and could power hundreds of households or provide electricity for more than 1.000 electric cars driving 11.000 Kilometers per year.

Romont, Switzerland

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photovoltaic bike pathway by peter kuczia features illuminated canopy + charging stations

Applicant and author of the project
Peter Kuczia.
Internationally operating architect and expert in sustainable constructions with more than twenty years of experience. In 2008 he completed his Ph.D. dissertation on solar architecture in Germany. His work has been published in over 60 books on five continents and over a hundred professional journals, as well as exhibited in many countries worldwide. He is an author of the books ‘Educating Buildings’ and ‘Design Educates‘. He has been awarded numerous international prizes.

Other participants
Client: SOLAROUTE GmbH, Germany
Renderings: Alek Pluta | nomadd+, Poland