Space village on the Moon

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About the project
Earth. The Moon. The space. Why not take a step towards something new? Architecture can be different. It is multi-faceted and exciting.
As Earth’s natural satellite, the Moon has unique features and resources essential for the entire humanity to survive and progress. The Moon is a perfect option for greenfield development – Its surface and environment are almost untouched, there is neither biosphere nor regional, political or economical borders. Once Earth is overpopulated, the Moon will become a great transhipment base for those taking long flights. Yet, the Moon is not only a potential technological hub – It has important resources, too. Helium-3 is perspective source of energy. If we learn how to use it, we might change not only the space industry, but the life on Earth, too.

Malapert, South Pole, the Moon

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Yulia Astafyeva, graduate of Gagarin Saratov State Technical University