Stack By Step Red Zone Boarding House

Best Implemented Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The site having such a small area, located in crowded urban space. We did a study to compare the general double loaded concept with our concept and the result showed what we ofter is more effective. Taking over corridor area that used to be human circulation for unit area is our first idea. The stair become the only one horizontal and vertical circulation between every unit, and could be a social space for the residents. This circulation system become another architecture statement than the other dormitory typology. Red color for facade made this statement stronger .
The function and location which is a multi-dwelling between residential area become the idea for the building form, we want this building imaging a cumulative stacked houses. Stacked mass with fragmented roof, setback distance on every side of the mass, pilotis mass and void are passive design strategies.This building, basically have a light structure and material on highest floor, and concrete structure for under floor.

Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

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Additional information

Applicant and authors of the project
Ismail Solehudin Architecture
Principal Architect Ismail Solehudin
Assistant Architect Jamilah Uswah

Other participants
Client — Mr. Ikhwan Lubis
Structure Engineer — Setyadi Muztaba
Contractor — Wani Build
Project Manager — Ali Yazid Bustomi
Site Manager — Zainy Thamrin
Photographer — Andhy Prayitno-Mario Wibowo