Stained Glass Music Museum 

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About the project
The Concept is based on my interpretation of Cuban music compared to a stained glass window due to the range of sounds that generate a kind of stained glass window. Giving color and light to our life experiences.
The history of Cuban and universal music is the reason for its creation. Its collections hoard folk musical instruments, sheet music of fundamental pieces of the country, works of art. This Museum will be formed from its beginnings with an interesting patrimonial deposit through generous donations of books, documents and music instruments that are highly admired by the public that visits it.
It will also bring together a collection of musical instruments and documents from around the world, from ancient civilizations to the new technologies of the 21st century. Its fundamental mission is to show different generations that musical instruments are living material from our past, full of meaning. and information about our musical heritage.

Havana, Cuba

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Applicant and author of the project
Veliz Architect — Jorge Luis Veliz Quintana, architect and designer: «My main activity is directed to the field of architectural design and 3D visualization. My team and I work professionally with architecture and simulation software.» Office with residence in Cuba.