Statue of Emperor Alexander III

Best Implemented Project of Temporary or Permanent Museum Exposition

About the project
The Gatchina palace was the main residence of Alexander III throughout 13 years of his reign. The image used in the sculpture refers to the work by Paolo Trubetskoy made in 1899.
The extensive front yard of the Arsenal Square has become a perfect background for the monument. In 19th century it used to be the main entrance to the Gatchina Palace, leading to great reception rooms, Alexander III’s studies, as well as the royal family’s private quarters.
Made on the order of the Russian History Society and the Russian Military Historical Association, the memorial was opened on June 5, 2021. The ceremony was attended by Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

Gatchina, Leningrad Region, Russia

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Gatchina Museum Reserve

Authors of the project
Vladimir Brodarsky, sculptor
Boris Beider, architect