Svetlana Park

Best Implemented Project of Residential Estate

About the project
A business-class residential development in the old sector of the Vyborgsky District (St. Petersburg), between the Udelny and Sosnovka Parks. The development embraces 4 buildings arranged in a square layout, with extensive vehicle-free yards and somber facades. Svetlana Park will be located within the new district by Setl Group. Its main highlight is the promenade connecting the two parks. On both sides, the promenade will be surrounded with art gardens, each of them offering unique attractions — a cozy amphitheater, swings, a stone fountain. The yards will be beautified with bushes and trees, and the promenade will be decorated with street lamps, designer furniture and all kinds of art objects.

Manchesterskaya Street, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Setl Group

Authors of the project
Yusupov Architectural Studio, Reinberg and Sharov Architectural Studio, Okrug Architectural Bureau