Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Center

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The recently completed Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Centre in Pune is currently being used by the Maharashtra government as a Covid-19 quarantine facility and hospital, contributing to the state’s fight against the pandemic. Occupying the lower slopes of a hill within Symbiosis International University’s 260-acre estate in Lavale, SUHRC is a 41,800-square-metre, 216-bed, multi-specialty hospital that represents a new and progressive face for healthcare infrastructure in India, providing state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and a research center to enhance skill development. SUHRC draws from the ideas of biophilia (an innate human tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life) to promote recovery and rejuvenation for patients and healthcare professionals. Naturally-compressed, sundried earthen bricks were produced on-site and are used to create double-skinned, boxed forms with deep shading projections to reduce heat gain.

Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Centre on Gut no 936/1 and 936/2 (P), Village – Lavale, Taluka – Mulshi, India

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Applicant and authors of the project
IMK Architects.
Founded in 1957, IMK Architects is an Architectural, Urban Planning, and Interior Design firm based out of Mumbai and Bengaluru. Our design philosophy is based on Biophilic Architecture. Our focus and commitment is to provide designs, which are site-sensitive and emphasize on being in harmony with nature. We ensure designs provide vibrant and warm spaces, which are socially responsive where people thrive and activities flourish.

Other participants
Symbiosis Society, Pune, the client for this project, is a family of 48 academic institutions, imparting quality education for over 50 years. It is host to over 40,000 Indian and International students on campus. They believe in “The whole world is one family” and take active interest in sustainable concepts for projects. Nyati Engineers & Consultants Pvt Ltd. were the contractors for the project. They have been at the forefront of creating projects in a wide variety of sectors.