Synthesis tower

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The challenge of this project is to break the cliché that residential skyscrapers are always monotonous anonymous structures. The created structure is a symbol of constant change and dynamic, but also has this strong monumental character and with combination of different spaces, activities and public areas it is telling the story about the identity and diversity of the people living there. The structural concept of the tower starts from the plain square form and a specific module grid of 6mx6m. Then after pushing and pulling the created small volumes of the grid the dynamic of the structure is achieved. There is one external volume which rotates like a spiral around the whole tower and ends on the top. It is used as public terraces with vegetation, starting from first floor, revolving around the whole structure and ending on the rooftop with a greenhouse. The public terraces are connected with external stairs, this way а vertical promenade around the whole tower is created.

Ponte Parodi, Genoa / Port of Genoa, Italy

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Applicant and authors of the project
Marina Rumenova Nakova
recently graduated architect with a master degree from the University of architecture, civil engineering and geodesy (UACEG), Sofia, Bulgaria. «For me architecture has always been a passion and I think that the designing concept of buildings, interiors and spaces overall should tell a story, emphasize on the character of the place. I use my projects as a manifesto of the meaning behind architecture, about architecture as an art, as a way to provoke and inspire.»