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The house is perched upon a hard strata of rock and nestled amongst a dense foliage of trees overlooking a vast expanse of serene blue waters. Taken a sensitive approach towards design by developing massing of the house in such a way that it merges with the surrounding context. The visual aesthetics were developed in such a way that the building stands out without being obtrusive to the physical geography and abutting network of rich vegetation. Breaking away from a normative formulation of a typical house layout, we have come up with an idea of a farmhouse that coexists with its natural environment. The plan creates an interesting flow of habitable spaces which merge with the existing landscape creating a series of liminal spaces that blur the indoor-outdoor transitions. Its attempt to create a spontaneous sense of openness while designing the residence. The project has tried to push boundaries of creative thinking in terms of design.

Mahabaleshwar, Satara, India

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KEN Architects. Private company that specializes in conceiving modern, high-caliber solutions for architectural design and interior design projects. «From The KEN Group in Pune, we service in India and United Arab Emirates in progressive architectural interior design and supervision. Our team of architects has successfully developed functional and meaningful projects in last few years. We have positioned ourselves as the choice for those who value quality, creativity, and distinction.»
Architect Kiran S. Bhosale.