Best Project of Residential Estate

About the project
T15 is a residential building located in one of Mexico City´s privileged locations. Located within walking distance to many cultural and social spots, this apartment building is bound to be a great place to live.
The project adapts to the city´s constant growth and the need of more accessible spaces for short term stays. With 44 apartments located in the building, the essence of this project was to give all of them the best natural light and the sense of not being entirely immersed in the city. Inserting plants throughout the building´s windows and different areas of the apartments, we also wanted to generate a calm environment for the users.
We consider that the materials used in the building are timeless and therefore it will be a building that will stand the test of time. Using pigmented concrete, steel planters and the plants in the façade, this building does not resonate with the language of the city. It lets the building integrate naturally to its most immediate surroundings.

Mexico City, Mexico

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
CRB arquitectos.
Mexican architecture firm founded in 2015.
With various projects throughout the city and some nearby areas, it has been growing more and more in the last years.
It is a firm focused more on residential projects, from houses to small apartment buildings. The projects we design, we also develop, giving us permission to detail every aspect of the things we create.