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The everyday life of each and every one of us today largely involves social functions and activities in which we participate on a daily basis. To improve the individual’s social life and collaboration with others, one of the most important city design structures deals with producing accessible and appropriate public spaces. In the absence of such spaces in Iran, we decided to put public and social spaces to a challenge and attempt to conceptualize an ideal possible option. The project’s principal idea is to present a new perspective on public urban spaces of which many Iranian cities such as Mash-had are in desperate need. The project’s site has great potential to become an urban hub, given its proximity to one of Mash-had’s largest public parks which encourages and invites visitors of all ages. Its strategic geography allows it for it to become a major attraction for tourists and visitors of nearby countries since Mellat Park is among Mash-had’s first tourist attractions.

Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran

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Applicant and authors of the project
RVAD Architecture Studio is co-founded in Tehran, Iran in 2020 by two young Iranian architects, Ms. Hannaneh Misaghi and Mr. Hasan Dehghanpour. The studio’s design ideals are focused on extending the relationship between architecture and humanity with consideration of history and culture so as to produce designs appropriate for each site and in service of both the society and its citizens.
Lead architects: Hananeh Misaghi, Hassan Dehghanpour
Design Team: Parisa Khosravi