The Bridge Guard

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The design team is grateful for the opportunity and the learning moment they have been given to develop their vision in a plan that has been named ‘The Bridge Guard’. An iconic building for Weert, with an almost self-evident adaptation to its environment, in which its appearance demands attention in a positive way and thus has an enormous attraction to Weert and far beyond. The sustainable character, with various innovative solutions in the field of energy and sustainability, will continue to provide a healthy and timeless living environment for the future.
In addition to affordable housing for young and old, ‘The Bridge Guard’ offers recreation and accommodation for everyone, a place where anything could happen. Where private, commercial, and public space overlap and are accessible to everyone, both at ground level and at any other level on the largest smart and public 'roof park' in the Netherlands. The first building in the Netherlands to be included in a walking route.

Weert, the Netherlands

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At Buro Kade architecture is more than designing the built environment. The craftsmanship of the architect as city-maker is included in our holistic approach. Designing with cultural values, social structures, and economic activities. We look at the city as a moving and changing circular system. We design a healthy and livable environment in which the human perspective is central. The intangible values of the built environment are becoming increasingly important, we are ready to contribute.
Project by Buro Kade, John Jacobs, SMT Vastgoed, BOINK, Studio Solarix, A2Studio.

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SMT Vastgoed
Studio Solarix