The Educational Park

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The project aims to create a place on a human scale, where a series of pavilions overlook a naturalistic environment, generating an alternation of internal and external spaces that are integrally part of the school system. The project is conceived around the vision of a civic centre, open to the entire community and also accessible outside the school hours. The school is surrounded by a landscape characterized by different areas where the student develops his autonomy and curiosity. All the spaces favour and stimulate the active involvement of both students and external visitors. The green assumes a remarkable pedagogical value by constantly accompanying the students. The internal road system is designed with clear and recognizable pedestrian paths. The main boulevard crosses the lot connecting the entrances of all the buildings in the project. At the same time, a secondary path is immersed in the greenest area of the lot, connecting different moments of learning and leisure.

Avezzano, Italy

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
CT64 Architects: «We are a group of young architects who started collaborating during the university. We have always pursued an idea of sustainable architecture attentive to the specific needs of the place and the society in which it is placed. We constantly explore topics such as environmental sustainability, circular economy and flexible design, not only in terms of space but also of adaptability over time.»