The Fusion House

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About the project
The Fusion House is more of an artistic derivation of a typical traditional tropical house into a contemporary modern form. The style of architecture emulates the minimalist aesthetic of modern architecture while responding to the climatic and environmental condition. To address the hot, humid climate, pitched roof and brick jalis (screens) are designed adding to the aesthetics of the front facade. Wooden, stone tones and textures have been used for the compound and the entrance to experience a warm entry. The gate has been designed slightly higher than the human scale to achieve grandeur for the entrance. Blending the clean line aesthetic of modern architecture with the functionality of tropical architecture creates this stunning architectural beauty.

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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Applicant and authors of the project
Studio A+D.
Architecture firm headed by Architects Shaik Mahammed Azaruddin and Dinakar Raj Nannam, focusing on design solutions that are purposeful and creatively unique. The firm explores modern trends and strategies that reinterpret the contemporary living. The tripartite nature of the firm's work involves professionalism, creativity and environmental responsibility, to serve the client, the users and the environment in all efficient ways possible.
Architects Shaik Mahammed Azaruddin, Dinakar Raj Nannam.

Other participants
Client: Sreekanth H.