The Outshaped House

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
This private residential located in Bandung, West Java — Indonesia. The main concept for this house is modern tropical. Built in 64 square metres area, this house consist of 3 stories. 1st story is public area consists of living, kitchen & garage. 2nd story is private area, consists of 1 main bedroom with bathroom inside and 2 bedrooms. 3rd story is semi-private area (rooftop area).
The space-less concept in this house will optimize air circulation and also give fresh air for our client. Wide-windows will support natural lighting for this house, so it will reduce energy consumption and make this house healthier.

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
MArch Architecture Indonesia.
Architecture Consultant based on Semarang, Central Java — Indonesia. Our main concept is «Green and Natural Residential». We combine between modern and tropical design to adapt with Indonesian Climate, so that all people will have space for fresh air, natural lighting and best air circulation at their house.