The Parasite

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
Adding a program to two different buildings on different coordinates is the main challenge of this project, where a structure nests on two existing programs, using their performing structure while having the least impact.
Designing a grid structure that can hang on six specific points of the towers while having the least contact is a suitable form for this kind of structure.
This nested grid functions as commercial use. It includes vertical and horizontal paths or corridors, where shops take place, making it a three-dimensional maze (commercial). The grid creates open door spaces that enable different public activities to take place, making it a hanging city on the towers.
The access cores of the towers rise in between the grid's horizontal space where the towers can function uninterrupted.

Tehran, Iran

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Applicant and authors of the project
ARC (Ashkan Rafiey CoOp).
ARC is a practice operating within the field of architecture, urbanism, and design, focusing on the traditional elements of architectural design, rethinking them in contemporary way.
ARC was founded by Ashkan Rafiey in 2019. Before, he was the lead architect/designer of top firms KRDS-Kourosh Rafiey Design Studio and KHA-Kamran Heirati Architects where he had designed award-winning projects.