The Pinnacle Apartments

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About the project
In this context, we believe art is a creative ability to solve a puzzle by ethical, logical, and emotional means. The proposed apartment is situated in the heart of a busy city, thus setting the canvas hard with certain limitations. The focus was to create a sense of togetherness inside the apartment while retaining the much-needed privacy in a city like Chennai. We as architects feel that people need to engage in the art, not only materialistically as a product but also through spaces and experience. The concept of this building is based on the fundamental theories of architecture. The Massing is done according to the Spatial requirement and site conditions. When the form was achieved, private and public circulation was configured to create balance, not necessarily symmetrical but harmonious. The placement of fenestrations and balcony was planned in repetition to create rhythm. The Double height balcony is zoned to invite more northern light, a connect to the sky and earth.

No. 11, Chinnaih street, T-Nagar, Chennai, India 

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Applicant and authors of the project
Varsha & Pradeep Architects, passionate mid-size Architectural Studio, practicing for the past 24 years. We LOVE being designers and revel in the joy of creation. For us, a new project is not just another “infrastructure”, but an opportunity for creating a beautiful living environment where people can live and work in joy. To achieve this, we start by LISTENING. This ability to balance the tangible and the Intangible needs of the client into a functional, cost-effective design lies our strength.

Status of the project
Under construction

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