The Playboy of the Western World

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The play features a extraordinary mix of absurdity, humor and subtle irony with a touch of mysticism. What exactly makes one a hero in Ireland? Who can become a hero for typical inhabitants of remote hinterlands who spend their days drinking and fighting. It turns out that it is enough to kill an abusive father with a spade to go from being a loser to becoming a sensation. But the dead father... reappears on the hero’s path. Who is he? A ghost or the one in search of his murderer?
Mr. Fedotov, the director and scenic designer, always thoroughly studies the author and the play’s historical setting. Therefore, the stage is set as a lifelike pub in an Irish village, and the audience can feel the spirit of ancient Ireland reigning on it.

Perm, Russia

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By the Bridge Theatre

Author of the project
Sergey Fedotov, director and stage designer


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