The Scheepmaker

Best Implemented Project of Residential Estate

About the project
On the border of Haarlem's historic city center, a new warehouse has been built. The 8-story residential complex, De Scheepmaker, is a new addition to the Dutch skyline but is so logical that it looks as if it has been there for years. It is recognizable by its warehouse-inspired typology, stepped roofline, and vertical glass cut. The stepped terraces allow sunlight into the street and compliment the scale of the surrounding architecture. The contemporary translation of industrial brick architecture is discernible by the masonry details in the facade, a tactile feature also made interesting for passers-by up close.
[Facilitating personalization]
In addition to the variety in floor plans, the design includes reasons for the resident to adapt the apartment to their own wishes. A thicker window frame is the place where, in time, a wall could be placed for children's room, or a daylit corner becomes an attractive seat for reading.

Windasstraat 24, 2031 WM Haarlem, the Netherlands

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Applicant and authors of the project
van Ommeren Architecten. VO-A is an architectural firm that strives to build recognizable living environments that fit like a glove, in which the user can adapt their home over time to their changing wishes. We innovate through the smart use of existing architectural resources. Architecture is our tool to make (unexpected) connections with which the maximum achievable plan can be realized.
Project by Joeri van Ommeren

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