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The Wave is a cultural center facility designed for the city of Skenderaj, Kosovo. The design is intended to create a landmark in the city through a fluid structure designed to maintain the continuity of the view. It contains diverse spaces, such as a multifunctional hall, library, art gallery, ethnology museum, offices, community spaces, and supporting areas. The main space is the library. It is developed as a separate space that rests on the base construction. It is a double-skin spherical shell that stands on columns connected to the lower structure. The space between the two shells is used as a structural element to reinforce the structure and also as an intermediate space for placing vegetation and improving the natural light and ventilation performance of the unit. The wave is designed considering biophilic design principles, to ensure the creation of spaces that improve the well-being of occupants.

Skenderaj, Kosovo

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Leotrim Shala, student of the University of Prishtina


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