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About the project
This project is to design a visitor center with a series of observation points in a wetland park at the Lagoon of Orbetello in Tuscany.
The journey to the park starts from the visitor center. The visitor center is both the first stop to the site and the gateway to the wetland park. All programs are sitting under one roof and connected by the exterior patio. The form is inspired by the extreme horizontality of the surrounding landscape and spreading wings of the birds in the sky which both has a welcoming gesture for the visitors and keeps harmony with the surroundings.
Once passing the open plaza, visitors will reach the meandering boardwalk throughout the wetland area. Three different observation structures are placed at each turning point of the boardwalk. They provide protected viewing platforms to nature and wildlife from the water level, on ground level and from the sky. These structures offer particular watching experience and are morphed in distinctive ways.

Lagoon of Orbetello, Tuscany, Italy

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Applicant and author of the project
Xiaowei Bai.
Architectural designer from New York. «I like to inspire people with good thoughts and designs and I believe good designs and thoughts are one of leading forces to develop the society.»