Tiejiang Villagers' Residence and Community Center

Best Project of Comfort Class Residential Estate

About the project
This on-going project in a rural village of mid-China consists of renovation for 80 homes and a new community center.
The design aims to revitalize the community life. By strategically leaning form vernacular traditions, we take 3 steps to renovate the almost identical courtyard houses and streets spaces:
1. Cover the facades with stone entrance and long mud wall.
2. Place a customizable pavilion enclosed by piled-up tiles on street-side roof, allowing multi-activities.
3. Change half of the width of the main street into a micro version of terraced fields, which will be distributed to villagers for vegetable growing. The space half-enclosed by the pavilion, the wall and the terraced ground will form an intimate public space encouraging neighborhood interactions.
By superimposing tile pavilions on houses with mud walls, the community center generates alleys and pocket spaces vary in size, shape, and height, evoking the enchanting and familiar texture of nearby old villages.

Xiuwu County, Henan Province, China

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Applicant and authors of the project
Domain Architects is a Shanghai-based studio led by Xiaomeng Xu. Our practice strives to reform the spatial experience with innovative site strategy.
We consider user experience as the core of all designs, and believe every site has its potential to generate unique spatial experience. By carefully rethinking conventional models, we keep going back to the original nature of sites and programs to reinvent the logic and quality of spaces.

Other participants
Leading Partner: Xiaomeng Xu