Titu — Events and Ballrooms

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About the project
Titu is an integrate project with both archictecture and landscape design specialities. CMD/LA is the author of the outdoor spaces design. The project contains three inter-connected events buildings and outdoor areas for each events restaurant. The main purpose of the project was to offer both privacy and openness for each event and its participants. Therefore, green spaces with lots of trees and shrubs were used for dividing the outdoor spaces in such a manner that offered intimacy, alongside with placing a few deck platforms with custom designed metallic umbrellas into the vegetation. The metal mesh of the umbrellas offers a play for light and shade, creating a romantic mood. The role of water features in creating the desired ambience put in scene by the use of three organic shape metal basins.

Titu, Romania

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Applicant and authors of the project
Landscape architecture office with the headquarter in Bucharest, Romania. It was establish by the landscape architect Cosmin Coman in 2005. Since then the office has been developing a large number of landscape design projects for private and public spaces.

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Beneficiar: Port Trans
Architecture (Buildings): Andreea Besliu