TMN Lobby

Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

About the project
The lobby of the Marenostrum Tower office building is inspired by the Mediterranean nature. The design takes advantage of an existing pillar in the middle of the space to create a unique element inspired by a tree, where verticals and horizontals come together in a single stroke, creating a relaxing space under its branches.
The rest of the ceiling is inspired by the gentle waves of the Mediterranean Sea that unfold until they end in a figure that represents a manta ray.
The figures engraved on the walls of the space are inspired by the coral reef, letting out a soft indirect blue light that gives life to the space while revealing itself as a skin that breathes.
The reception desk, designed with soft curves, is inspired by the beauty of a swan, where fluid forms wrap the space continuously from tip to tail.
A unique design fully developed with the latest BIM technology, creating a different and innovative space, with strict quality control and environmentally friendly materials.

Barcelona, Spain

Project implementation year

Applicant and authors of the project
sanzpont [arquitectura].
Victor and Sergio Sanz Pont, twin brothers and co-founders of sanzpont [arquitectura] and their partner Alvaro Licona, are in charge of overseeing their offices located in Barcelona, Cancun and Chicago. Sanzpont sees architecture as functional art that has to adapt to the site throughout BIOCLIMATIC. Their design philosophy is based on a constant search for innovation, creativity, and respect for the environment.
Project by Sergio Sanz, Victor Sanz, Josemi Cano, Alejandro Vergara, Nerea Tabernero, Francisco Robles & Waldir Hernández

Other participants
Photographers: Dani Rovira and Sergio Sanz Pont