Tolstoy’s Parlour Library

Best Design Project for Library

About the project
The Tolstoy Library has its own traditions and visitors, and its renovation concept follows the interests of its senior readers and student attendees. The design concept embraces three topics — the person of Lev Tolstoy, local history and an art parlour from the 19th century.
The renewed interior features a fancy apartment where Lev Tolstoy could have had a parlour if he had resided in St. Petersburg in the mid-19th century. Window fittings, door shapes, parquet, ceiling stucco and other elements from Tolstoy’s times are located alongside with objects from other epochs. Multimedia installations tell about young Lev Tolstoy and the culture of the mid-19th century.

17, 6th Line, Vasilievsky Island, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Project video

Centralized Library System of Vasilievsky Island

Author of the project
Ascreen, a Russian multimedia integrator