Torrente Perfume Shop

Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

About the project
Torrente store is located in a 135 commercial unit in Iran Mall shopping center of Tehran. The proportion of the project was in an elongated rectangle shape, its two transparent longitudinal and transverse sides defined as a showcase and located in the corner of one of the complex corridors. In this store, the counter converts itself into perfume stands due to the elongation created in its form, and the bent rose gold surfaces are added to the walls of the counter and the walls of the space to complete this geometry and include other required elements of the project such as vases, two independent seat, closets, and shelves for arranging perfumes. The branched form of the counter makes it expandable from any direction, and this issue is a potential for the possibility of re-designing the project into smaller or larger units.

Hammet highway, Kharazi highway, Iran Mall, G0 floor, Tehran, Iran 

Project implementation year

Applicant and authors of the project
Architecture firm: OJAN Design Studio
Architect: Ojan Salimi
Design Team: Mahsa Naghavi, Sanaz Bazrafshan, Reza Esfandiari

Other participants
Photographer: Mohammad Hosein Hamzehlouei