Ulaman Eco Retreat

Best Implemented Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
Located inland in Bali, at a small jungle river where water converges, this ecologically mindful resort uses a hydro electric generator that can sustain the power of the buildings within the complex. Merging with nature has been at the forefront in the approach to the design of its architecture and interiors, not just by its operation but by using materials found directly on the site and the immediate locality. The first instigation of this can be seen in the dramatic use of rammed earth for all ground level walls. Being located on a hill required significant ground works, therefore with much excess soil, creating these significant masses of layered colored, curved walls was easily justified becoming the most substantial rammed earth project in Indonesia.

Kaba Kaba, Bali, Indonesia

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Applicant and authors of the project
Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios produce a unique architecture that challenges the way in which our built spaces can harmonies with our own inner nature which is also inherently connected to that of the natural world. They consist of a group of individualistic and creative architects, interior designers engineers and artisans which has allowed them to realize a number of many beautiful buildings and environments throughout the Indonesian Archipelago and beyond.
Architect Charlie Hearn

Other participants
Main contractor: Wayan Konstruksi
Bamboo contractors: Ateng Tiying Mas, Asali Bali, Chiko Living
Lighting Designer: Binar Lighting Designer
Landscape: Imaji Kryamaha