Under the Mask of Venice

Best Implemented Project of Temporary or Permanent Museum Exposition

About the project
The project was dedicated to the Venetian culture of the 18th century.
A study of an enlightened Venetian and a boudoir of a mondaine demonstrated the way of living typical for prosperous citizens, as well as the reverse side of the carnival luxury and excitement encountered by troublemakers. One of the rooms was dedicated to gambling, as Venice used to be the only city in Europe to tolerate casinos.
Giving a tribute to the city’s contrasts, the architects designed the parade section with pointed palazzo arches, carnival attributes, velvet and a rich palette of pastel hues complemented with metal shine of the water surface. Hidden Venice showcased neon highlights and uneven tempo of the shapes.

Bread House, Tsaritsyno Open Air Museum, 1 Dolskaya Street, Moscow, Russia

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Tsaritsyno National Open Air Museum a museum of the 18th-21st cc. arts and crafts, an architectural memorial and a palace complex

Author of the project
PS Culture architectural Studio, Yulia Napolova