Experiential Archaeological Museum at Vadnagar

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About the project
Vadnagar is an ancient town in Mehsana in the Indian state of Gujarat.
Vadnagar has a long untold history of being a heritage town consistently occupied right from the time of the Harrapan civilization (2500 BCE) up to the Gaikwad era (1950) in the more recent times.
The objective of the thesis proposal “An Archeological Experiential Museum" is to raise awareness about the rich history of Vadnagar.
In spite of several attacks during its history, it has been constantly resurrected itself by adding new layers ranging over 4500 years. It is estimated that a substantially large area of this town still lies buried under the surface of the ground waiting to be discovered.
The challenge is to provide a solution without damaging the existing and future ruins to be excavated. An architectural intervention will need the flexibility to allow easy transportation and transformation.

Vadnagar, Mahesana, Gujarat, India 

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Applicant and author of the project
Ravi Modi.
«I am is a recent graduate in Architecture from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. I have a keen interest in exploring the interrelationships between art and architecture. I am currently practicing at Baroda as a freelancer.»