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About the project
In today's world we face new challenges and with the growth of science we can offer different options in the construction of a future house.
In the construction of a house, it is possible to turn it into a flexible space with a different attitude and the use of technology,which can change dimensions according to the wishes of the residents and can be moved.The features of this type of house include the following: Being/Mobile/modular/Assembled/Plus/Variable area/Variable Usage. The service areas are fixed and the remaining spaces can be turned into bedrooms or living rooms. By changing the use, due to the purity of the space, it can be turned into a studio, library, sports space, restaurant and cafe, etc.
And finally, it can be turned into an apartment and a tower with movable structures.
1. Curve: can have a fixed module size of 60 meters and extend up to 180 meters in length.
2. Cube: In the designed model, a cube is considered as the initial module.


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Applicant and author of the project
Marzieh Mirjafari, Iran University of Science and Technology M. Arch.
Passing a comprehensive higher education course in design and architecture 2020.
Winner of 8th Architizer Award 2020.
Winner of American Architecture Master Prize (AMP) award 2020.
Article entitled “CFD simulation of Hydrodynamic Behavior of four-sided wind catcher
integrated to earth duct (Nay-Kesh) on the mean temperature of the basement (traditional passive cooling in Kashan Iran), ASA 2020.