Villa on Iseo Lake

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The site is located in a picturesque valley in the northern part of Italy, in the Lombard Prealps, somewhere in between the cities of Bergamo and Brescia. This location was chosen specifically in the province of Solto Collina, as it offers the best views of Lake Iseo, mountain landscapes, walnut trees and Franciacorta vineyards. A permanent residence for a large family occupies two floors and a total area of ​​1150 sq.m. on a relief plot of 0.5 hectares. The symbiosis of exterior and interior environment, the harmony of architecture and nature allow you to live consciously. Safety and comfort are expressed in ageless natural materials, personalised layouts, smart engineering systems, minimalistic landscape design and sustainable interior. Configuration of all living spaces is determined in such a way that it is possible to admire panoramic views from every single room. Snow-white architectural concrete, teak, natural chipped stone and metal serve as facade materials.

Via Clisoli, 22 24060 Solto Collina BG, Lombardia, Italy

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Applicant and authors of the project, team of visionaries with vast experience in designing unique and very different properties, from small apartments to private residences and world-class public spaces. With every project, studio dedicates its work to continuous search of a new interpretation of the minimalistic aesthetics and bespoke functionality. They see a key development mission in finding a large team of like-minded people and working on interesting projects around the world.

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