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The facade of the building is a boundary that separates the inside and outside of the building. This separation also causes the city to be separated from the building and reduces the urban transparency. However, the sense of urban security can be directly related to the experience of transparency in the city.
In this project, the facade of the building is stepped away from the city corridor. This form of formation creates floor terraces that are also connected by external stairs. With this vertical connection and gradual set-backing, the facade becomes a habitable space for the residents of the house. In this architectural diagram, the roof of each floor becomes a front yard for the upper floor.This approach is similar to the circulation diagram and urban fabric that can be seen in the village of Masouleh in the northern part of Iran. A design diagram in which the city and architecture can find the same personality.

Lakoudeh Town, Mazandaran, Iran

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Mohsen Marizad is a licensed architect in Iran and a part-time instructor at San Jose State University in California. His experience in architecture includes working in west-coast America and Iran. He taught architecture in many countries such as the USA, China, Iran, Spain, and Romania. He founded Marizad Architects in 2020 in Iran.
Marizad Architects is an architecture firm based in Iran. They designed and built several projects on different scales. They have won numerous international awards.
Design Team: Mohsen Marizad, Tannaz Karimi, Negar Khashe, Ahmad Masoudzadeh, Heidar Sharifi

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Visualization: PT Visualization

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