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About the project
The world is moving day by day towards the crisis of energy, climate, and depletion of non-renewable fuel sources. Meanwhile, there are windows of hope and prosperity in reforming the energy pattern and expanding the use of «electric engines» as a renewable and recyclable energy source.
The design concept is also derived from the form of sinusoidal waves of «alternating current» as the macro elements of the design, not only to emphasize the background of the idea but also to show the modernity and majesty of the future. This sinusoidal form in the design shell has been used to increase the structural strength and create large, global openings to expand the visual field of view in and out. This sinusoidal form in the form of a concrete shell is also induction of the «V» form as a brand and symbol of Vinfast. Also, the modern identity of the Vinfast cars, and the surfacing of the cars, made us use surfaces that reflect the light and shadows in specific areas.

New York City, the USA

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Applicant and authors of the project
Architects Hossein Mohammadpour, Pedram Abedini Arabani, Masoud Safari