Wadi in the Oktyabrsky quarter

Best Implemented Landscape Architecture Project

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In this project the architects faced a non-trivial task: to develop a solution that would allow efficient water utilization and, at the same time, preserve the ecosystem of the territory. The most important element of the concept were wadis, which are channels that fill with water during the period of rains, snowmelt and seasonal floods of the river. Grasses, shrubs and trees resistant to flooding are planted on their slopes — they act as a biopump. This system does not require special financial costs associated with its maintenance. Drain pipes were provided to keep the wadis from overflowing, when the water reaches the maximum mark, they divert it into the storm sewer.
There were selected plants endemic to Tyumen. This made it possible to solve three problems. The first is to reduce the load on storm sewers. The second is educational: to acquaint residents with the flora of the region. The third is to support biodiversity and create conditions for the life of near-water fauna.

Voroninskaya st., 43, Tyumen, Russia

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Brusnika is a real estate developer founded in Tyumen, Siberia back in 2004. Being the company with a new vision on building process it has grown into one of the five biggest construction enterprises (according to Forbes) with offices in Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Surgut, Kurgan, Omsk,Moscow. Through collaboration with leading internationally recognized architects and designers, Brusnika constantly tests and integrates new solutions to improve its product and customer living experience.

Author of the project
Eva Rodionova (Novascape)


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