Walpurgis Night, or the Steps of the Commander

Best Implemented Theatre Set Design

About the project
Walpurgis Night, or Chódotypalenje, is the night of burning, a blast taking people from one world to another.
The basic scenographic concept of the staged version of Venedict Erofeev’s book is all about the layered space with corridors and tiers. This is the anatomy theater, the bottom of a faceted glass, the section of Shakespeare’s theater, Dante’s hell, the spaceport. The decoration is much smaller than the stage. The very common things happen in the center, but the closer to the edge, the more infernal existence and action. The final composition is an installation of bottles that represents a rocket, a tower, and an arrow at once.

Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, Moscow, Russia

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Evgenia Shutina, scenic artist


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