Yaar Villa

Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project
This building is located in Damavand, Iran with an area of approximately 530 sq. meters. We had several challenges in the design process of this villa. One of those was the small area and improper shape of the land which didn’t follow any particular geometry. Other than that, there was a 16 meters’ height difference between the main entrance and the end of the site which was the biggest challenge of this project.
Considering this situation, we decided to position the main entrance, bedrooms and parking in the ground floor and allocate the basement level to the main parts of the building such as kitchen, living room and TV room. Positioning all these parts in the basement, gave us a direct connection between the main spaces of the villa and the courtyard. By using large and integrated windows, we made this connection stronger.

Mara, Damavand, Iran

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
AAD Architecture Office.
Established in 2019 under the management of Hossein Hassani and Amin Habibi in Tehran, Iran. This atelier has more than 10 built projects in the fields of design and implementation. The aim of this company is to provide the highest spatial quality and meet all the needs of its clients and create unique buildings.
Architecture and construction: Hossein Hassani, Amin Habibi.