Zardeband Restaurant

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About the project
Considering the exuberant construction progress of northeastern outskirts of Tehran, specifically Zardeband Village, the need of recreational spaces increases. Building a restaurant is a tempting task for employers to tend to.
The complex condition and limitations of the natural topography urged us to think of an integrated plan to accompany this context. These interactions led to an unusual and attractive form, and the importance of creating a vast view towards the natural areas around the site intensified this issue. Therefore, a complex structure consisting of unconventional structural cantilevers was created. Different height codes and multiple positions with view to different landscapes, gave birth to a new experience for restaurant users. Functional classification gave this feature to the facility, which can be used in different ways, spaces and times of the day.

Zardeband, Tehran, Iran

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Applicant and authors of the project
Atizist started its journey since early 2000s. The use of modern management methods, a special view as an architectural consultant on how to interact with the client and, most importantly, maintaining the principle of flexibility and logic in architectural design, has always led to the increasing prosperity of this firm.
Main Architects: Ehsan Maleki, Yekta Afarin
Collaborators: Farhang Forouzesh, Hasan Abedi, Hamidreza Ahmadian, Alireza Shadbakhsh

Other participants
Mechanical System / Structure: Central Engine room + Air Eonditioner / Metal Skeletons (bolts)
Client : Behnam Heshmati — Hamid Mazaheri