1. The License Agreement is the same as a written contract made in compliance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Article 434, Clause 3. Posting of the License Agreement to the website is considered a public offer as provided by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Article 437, Clause 2.
  2. Taking part in the Awards, the Nominee warranties that:
    • he/she or the entity they represent is the legal copyright owner of all the texts, images, photos, videos and other works submitted to the Awards (hereinafter referred to as the Works) and has exclusive rights for them;
    • the Works don’t defy the law of the Russian Federation, don’t contain any insulting information or information at odds with generally recognized morals and values;
    • he/she doesn’t infringe third parties’ copyright and other intellectual property rights, and undertakes full responsibility in that regard;
    • in the event that third parties dispute the Awards Organizer’s rights of use as regards to the Works, be it through the courts or otherwise, the Nominee undertakes to join the proceedings in favor of the Organizer and do everything possible to prove that the Organizer is entitled to use the Works.
    • if the Nominee fails to verify that he/she is entitled to use and manage the Works, resulting in the Organizer held liable, the Nominee shall compensate the Organizer for all the court charges, as well as the amount the Organizer has to pay to the third party and any other expenses associated with the court proceedings. This shall be done in 10 (ten) calendar days after the effective date of the decision of the court and/or other authority adjudicating on the matter;
    • shall the Organizer be claimed by owners of copyright and/or related rights, their authorized representatives or third parties because of the Organizer’s use of the Works, the Nominee undertakes on his/her own account to settle all the controversial matters with such third parties making relevant claims.
  3. The copyright for the Works submitted to the Awards rest with the authors of the relevant Works.
  4. Joining the Awards, the Nominee shall enable the Organizer to use the Works as provided by the civil law of the Russian Federation, and do so free of charge, as a kind donation for the Organizer’s statutory activities, in particular:
    • reproduction, including but not limited to publication of the works in the Organizer’s publications and printed materials, posting on the Official website, in printed and electronic mass media, in news and commercial booklets, as well as in souvenirs sold by the Organizer;
    • public demonstration in any way, including but not limited to during the Awards and at exhibitions;
    • import of the Works’ copies for distribution purposes;
    • presentation of the Works with technical means like radio, TV and other;
    • reworking of the Works with any actual means, including editing of all kinds, adding graphics or sounds to them, and making of independent works;
    • promulgation of any kind, including broadcasting on air and across the wire;
    • making available to the public (in any form and with any means via Internet), including in social media and websites online;
    • depositing to the storage funds of the General Partner to the Awards for an unlimited term.
  5. The Nominee to the Awards entitles the Organizer to promulgation of the Works, as well as to use the Works throughout the world in all the ways outlined hereunder.
  6. The Nominee to the Awards agrees that the Organizer of the Awards is entitled to rework the Works to make any other independent works, including but not limited to any audio and video works, animation, advertisement, promotional, image-building, informing and announcement videos and clips along with other results of intellectual activity and customization means and materials. At the same time, the Organizer is granted an exclusive right in its entirety for the new results of intellectual activity and customization means, including the right for repeated (unlimited) use in whole and/or in part (in fragments), as well as repeated (unlimited) management of new results of intellectual activity and customization means on a paid and/or free of charge basis, without territory or term restrictions at their sole discretion and in any existing or prospective means in compliance with the law of the Russian Federation.
  7. The Nominee to the Awards entitles the Organizer to place the Works on souvenirs and other goods sold by the Organizer.
  8. The Organizer of the Awards cannot guarantee that information posted at the Website will always be correct and free of mistakes. The Organizer of the Awards disclaims all responsibility for incorrect information or mistakes/omissions at the official website of the Awards, but in case they are discovered undertakes to correct them as soon as possible.
  9. Intellectual property of the Nominees shall be posted at the Website after they give consent to such posting. In case third parties’ rights are infringed, the Arrangements Committee is entitled to cease information propagation or delete the said content posted at the Website.
  10. The Nominee may not publish replicas (plagiary) of projects or images made by other authors unless approved with such authors. As plagiary cases are sometimes hard to identify, all the controversial matters are subject to individual settlement at the Arrangements Committee sole discretion.
  11. The Organizer is entitled to use the Works of the Nominees to the Awards for own needs on the terms of free-of-charge ordinary (non-exclusive) license within the entire effective term of the Nominee’s exclusive right for the Works as soon as the Nominee’s application is uploaded at the Official Website.
  12. Uploading applications to the Official Website of the Awards Nominees automatically grant their consent to the Organizer’s use of the Works attached to the application on the Organizer’s behalf, as well as to the Organizer’s use of the Works in the ways outlined hereunder.
  13. Uploading of the applications to the Official Website of the Awards the Nominee to the Awards acknowledges that he/she understands all the legal consequences of nonfulfilling the terms outlined hereunder, agrees with the terms of this Clause, as well as understands and agrees with the scope of non-exclusive rights granted to the Organizer as outlined hereunder.