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Rosseti Lenenergo is the oldest and one of the largest distribution grid companies in Russia. The service area of the enterprise is the territory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region with a population of more than 7 million people. The main functions of the company are the transmission of electrical energy via 110-0.4 kV networks, as well as the connection of consumers to electrical networks in the regions of presence. 9 branches and about 8 thousand employees work within the company. Rosseti Lenenergo production assets include 427 power centers of 35-220 kV, more than 27 thousand transformer substations, over 51 thousand km of overhead and more than 31 thousand km of cable power lines.

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Lugano is the ninth largest city of Switzerland by population and the largest city in Ticino. It ranks as the third largest banking center in the country and a financial center of international significance. Lugano is also known for its educational system, as well as university and research programs. The city is attractive for companies and entities from high dynamic economic sectors like biotechnologies and artificial intelligence. Nestled between the Lugano Prealps and standing at the edge of Lake Lugano (Ceresio), the city is a popular resort. Its natural beauties along with local culture and various outdoor activities attract tourists from all over the world.

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The Worldwide St. Petersburg Club is a non-profit organization founded in 1991. The aims of the club are: unification of the people who understand the unique significance of St. Petersburg for Russia, Europe and the world, the revival of St. Petersburg as a spiritual, intellectual, scientific and cultural center, cooperation with state, municipal, public institutions on the revival of the city, the establishment and support connections with the natives of St. Petersburg and their descendants abroad. At club meetings, the most important events for the city and the country are discussed, philosophical discussions, openings, art evenings of club members, presentation of books from the “Library of the Worldwide St. Petersburg Club" are held. The President of the Worldwide St. Petersburg Club is Mikhail Piotrovsky, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, General Director of the State Hermitage.

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The State Hermitage is a museum of fine and decorative arts located in St. Petersburg. Founded in 1764, it is one of the largest art museums in the world.

The State Hermitage possesses a collection of about 3 million works of art and monuments of world culture. This includes painting, graphics, sculpture and applied art, archaeological finds and numismatic material.

The main museum complex consists of six interconnected buildings — the Winter Palace, the Reserve House of the Winter Palace, the Small Hermitage, the Large (Old) Hermitage, the New Hermitage and the Hermitage Theatre. There are 365 halls totally open to the public. Besides, the General Staff Building, the Museum of the Imperial Porcelain Factory, “Staraya Derevnya” restoration and storage center, and the Menshikov Palace belong to the Hermitage Museum.

The awarding ceremony of the International Golden Trezzini Awards for Architecture and Design is held at the Hermitage Theatre.

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The National Library of Russia is the oldest public and the first national library in Russia, founded in 1795 by decree of Empress Catherine the Great. Through all these years, the library — now one of the largest in the world and the second largest collections in the Russian Federation — has been serving Russian culture and science. The library is classified as an institution of the highest category of protection and accounting, enjoys special forms of state support and is included in the State Code of Especially Valuable Objects of the National Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of the Russian Federation.

Based on the Federal Law on Library Science (1994), the National Library of Russia is the national library of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation being its founder.

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State Museum of St. Petersburg History is one of the largest Russian museums of history. The museum funds contain 1.3 mln+ exhibits, telling about the history of the City on the Neva since its founding to nowadays.

The museum’s center is the Peter and Paul Fortress, a unique cultural and architectural landmark, a memorial of fortification art of the 18th to 20th centuries. The Peter and Paul Cathedral, the dominant of the architectural ensemble, is one of the city symbols, a burial site of the Royal Family of the Romanovs. Historical buildings of the Peter and Paul Fortress contain expositions and temporary exhibitions of the museum.

The State Museum of St. Petersburg History comprises several sites: the Rumyantsev Mansion at the Angliyskaya Embankment, the Alexander Block memorial flat, the Sergey Kirov Museum, the Monument to Leningrad Heroic Defenders located at the Pobeda Square, the Museum of Printing, the Museum of St. Petersburg Avant Garde (the Matyushin House), and the Schlusselburg Fortress Oreshek.

The best projects submitted at the Golden Trezzini Awards will be added to the Museum’s collection.

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The State Russian Museum is the world’s largest collection of Russian art, housed in a unique architectural complex in the historical centre of St Petersburg. It was the first museum of Russian art, initiated by Emperor Alexander III. 

The museum collection contains over 400 000 exhibits covering all major periods and trends in the history of Russian art, all main types and genres, trends and schools of Russian art over more than a thousand years: from the X to the XXI century.

Today, the area of the museum complex is more than 30 hectares. The collection is accommodated in buildings that are outstanding monuments of the XVIII-XIX century architecture: Mikhailovsky, Stroganov, Marble Palaces, and Mikhailovsky Castle. Mikhailovsky Garden, Summer Garden and Peter I’s Summer Palace as well as Cabin of Peter the Great are also part of the museum complex.

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Flight, an innovative fitness club, is not only a sports space, but also a unique artistic space. Artists of different generations, with different visions, but united by a common idea — the man of the future and the possibility of flight as his natural state — worked specifically for this project. These are Ilya Chichikin (Robe), Olga Soldatova, Vladimir Gupalov, Marat Danilyan (Morik). Graphic design was developed by photographer and publisher Alexey Partola. The author of the main sculptural group, Flight angel, embodying the idea of flight, was artist and sculptor Dmitry Shorin, whose works are exhibited at Sotheby's and Phillips De Pury auctions. The interior of the fitness club contains works by artists Georgy Guryanov, Olga Tobreluts and Vladimir Dubossarsky. All depicted scenes inspire sport achievements.

Flight is a place for taking care of health, setting personal records and an excellent communication platform for the city community and guests of the city. A true fusion of the physical and spiritual — a new approach to sports and health.

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Setl Group is one of the largest development holdings in the North-West of Russia, operating on the market for 29 years. The company is one of the TOP-3 developers in Russia in terms of housing commissioning. Setl Group annually commissions more than 1 million sq. m of real estate, builds more than 10 kindergartens and schools, constructs roads, parks and embankments. The geography of the company's activity covers St. Petersburg, the Leningrad region, Kaliningrad. The broker Petersburgskaya Nedvizhimost, a part of the holding, is one of the largest agencies in Russia selling housing under construction. Setl Group's portfolio of projects includes objects of all segments, from mass market residential complexes to the premium ones in the best locations.

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Founded in 1987, Etalon Group is today one of the largest corporations in the field of development and construction in Russia. In 2021, the company launched its expansion program and has already entered the markets of Omsk, the Novosibirsk Region, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, and Kazan. With 35 years of experience, the company is one of the oldest and most successful players in the Russian real estate market. Since its inception, Etalon Group has commissioned 8.6 million sq.m. More than 370 thousand people live in the company's buildings. The company's nationwide sales network covers 35 regions of Russia.

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BORA is a German kitchen appliance brand founded in 2006 by industrial engineer Willi Bruckbauer. The company's chief strategist became the creative and ideological inspirer of advanced countertop hood systems. As a seasoned craftsman with over 20 years of experience in the kitchen appliance industry, Willi Bruckbauer believes that the most important thing is to create a space that meets people's needs and makes them happy every day.
Through hard work, BORA engineers have created an innovative system that removes the vapors from the cooking downwards more efficiently than was previously possible. There are 4 types of built-in hoods available in the BORA range: Bora Professional, Bora Classic, Bora Basic and Bora Pure.
BORA is a multiple winner and nominee of international awards for innovation, quality and design, such as Red Dot Awards (Product Design 2020 for the quality of construction), Plus X Awards (X-Pure, best product of the year 2020), German Design Awards (Excellent Product Design 2020), Iconic Award, German Brand Award, Good Design Awards, iF Design Awards.

Partner of the category Best Project of Building or Facility by Student

Syndicat Group produces environmentally friendly and safe paints and varnishes of a new generation under VINCORE trade mark. The company focuses in the production of products — from primer to top coat — for a wide range of applications. The company's experts not only achieved a unique wear resistance of the chemical composition and provided a lifetime guarantee against fading for the main colors of the palette, but also found the right solutions for fragile surfaces: wooden facades and glass. The flagship line of paints for corrosion protection of metal structures for various purposes deserves special attention.

The combination of outstanding production characteristics, international quality standards and a professional approach to the implementation of each task has allowed VINCORE to successfully implement a wide variety of projects for large customers for 16 years. Among them is the supply of materials for the facade decoration of multi-storey residential complexes in Moscow and participation in the restoration of iconic cultural heritage sites of St. Petersburg (the Hermitage, Tsarskoye Selo, Alexander Park).

Partner of the category Best Implemented Reconstruction Project

NEOMID are high-tech professional products for quality construction, reconstruction and repair.

Products under NEOMID trademark are created by EXPERTECOLOGY-NEOHIM Group — a company with its own production facilities and office-warehouse complexes in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The company's product range includes more than 1000 SKU of paints and protective materials for construction, reconstruction and repair, namely: fire retardants, antiseptic impregnations for wood, glazing antiseptics, varnishes, paints, removers, primers, sealants, adhesives, mastics, as well as construction protection products materials and structures.

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TION is a Russian group of companies that, since 2006, has been developing and manufacturing devices in the field of smart and energy-efficient ventilation, cleaning, disinfection and humidification of air, monitoring and control of indoor microclimate.
This is an innovative technique that makes any air breathable without viruses, bacteria, dust and allergens. TION equipment helps to effectively solve problems related to organizing a comfortable microclimate and providing clean fresh air in apartments, country houses, offices and other institutions.

TION in your home is:
• Safe, clean, fresh air 24/7
• Destruction of dangerous microorganisms and viruses
• Ventilation without drafts, dust and street noise
• Control of air parameters
• Convenient control from a smartphone

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The ITMO Highpark company aim is to implement the project of integrated scientific, educational and innovation center in the Pushkin district of St. Petersburg under the same name. The company's activities are based on the national necessity to ensure effective interaction between the education system, science and innovative production.

Currently, according to the program of creating the innovation center at ITMO Highpark, a new campus of ITMO University has been designed and built, including the main academic building and student club, four dormitory buildings, sports complex. The campus will include three science and technology centers:

  • information technologies, 
  • photonics and quantum technologies, 
  • life and health sciences.

Another part of ITMO Highpark’s activities is the creation of a Technology Valley located next to the university campus, where innovative, business and social/cultural infrastructure facilities will be built. On the territory of the Technological Valley, the construction of offices and business parks for Russian and foreign companies will also be implemented, and conditions will be created for organizing pilot and small-scale production.

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Petra-LK has been producing and selling architectural and construction products from marble, granite, limestone and other types of natural stone since 2020. The company's portfolio already includes more than 800 completed orders for the supply of products for the interior and exterior decoration of buildings and premises, restoration of cultural heritage sites, as well as improvement of public and private areas. Since 2022, Petra-LK has been the owner of the KRISSTONE company, specializing in the production and sale of natural stone products exclusively for comfort+, business, premium and luxury class interiors. Today, Petra-LK is:

  • production in St. Petersburg,
  • careful delivery to any point in Russia just on time,
  • 300+ types of natural stone of various textures and colors,
  • 100+ types of architectural and construction products of any complexity,
  • best price guarantee.

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7M | Seven M is a modern full-cycle furniture production in the very center of the Northern capital of Russia, the city of St. Petersburg. For 13 years, the company has been creating turnkey furniture of any complexity for its customers. The widest choice of materials in the furniture market of St. Petersburg and Moscow is offered. 7M works with partners not only in Russia, but also in other countries such as Italy, Germany, Turkey, China, Belarus. With such a wide network of direct partners, the company can provide its customers with the most advanced solutions and materials.

Besides that, the company holds exclusive training from the founder of the production, designer and furniture industry expert Maria Safronova, addressed to interior designers, managers of furniture stores and even those not yet connected with furniture in any way.

Partner of the Awards

Artbazl art and production workshops create unique art objects for architectural spaces — artistic facade and interior ceramics, tiled fireplaces and stoves from classic to modern author's solutions, interior items, artistic mosaics, stained-glass windows, paintings for interiors and facades.

Artbazl workshops include ceramic and stained glass production, painting and design studios, and mosaic workshops. Artbazl performs complex and individual artworks for private and public architecture, from sketches to installation, and is open to the implementation of the most daring extraordinary ideas.

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DEREVO PARK is a landscape design company, organized by Andrey Kochetkov in 2009, and is rightfully considered one of the best in Russia. The company sells public spaces and private residences mainly in premium segments throughout Russia. Uses innovative design and construction technologies in its work.

DEREVO PARK in numbers:

  • 380+ objects designed,
  • 90+ projects implemented,
  • 260+ hectares of implemented landscaping,
  • 5 participating countries.

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Orange Group is an international group of companies engaged in development, hotel and restaurant businesses.

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Pallada restoration and production company was founded in St. Petersburg in 2001. Pallada conducts a wide and varied activity, striving not only to develop its own capabilities, but also to promote the revival of architectural ceramics, the development of restoration technologies, the preservation of this part of our culture and heritage, while paying special attention to the social sphere. The key activities of Pallada include restoration of architectural ceramics, manufacturing of stoves, fireplaces, iconostases, interior, facade and landscape ceramics.

Today, Pallada group of companies includes a full-cycle ceramic production, restoration workshops, art workshops, an architectural and design department, as well as a unique Keramarh Museum of Architectural Art Ceramics.

Official residence of participants and guests

Helvetia Hotel ***** (from the Latin name of Switzerland, approx. 80 rooms) is located in the centre of St. Petersburg in a 18th century building rebuilt in the middle of the 19th century by famous St. Petersburg architect, academician A. Lange, in the “Elizabethan Baroque” style. Along with the Baroque forms, the architect used the composition solutions of Italian Renaissance. This mansion is linked with a number of remarkable names and significant events of Russian and Swiss history. In 1998—2006, the Honorary Consulate General of Switzerland was located here. On the front façade the flag of Switzerland is placed, along with the cantonal flags depicting the coats of arms of Bern, Geneva and Ticino — centres of German, French and Italian Switzerland, whose natives made a significant contribution to architecture, art, science and industry of St. Petersburg. Among them there is the first architect of the city, Ticino-born Domenico Trezzini.

Official operator of hospitality

Grand Hotel Moika 22 is located in the very heart of St. Petersburg, on the embankment of the Moika River in an aristocratic mansion built in 1853, directly opposite Palace Square and the Hermitage Museum. The hotel is a five-minute walk from Nevsky Prospekt and the main sights of the city, the main places of tourist interest, shopping and leisure. Unique personalized European service is offered in each of the hotel's 200 rooms and suites, five restaurants and bars, and event rooms.

Official Beverage Supplier

The Simple group of companies is one of the leading importers of alcoholic beverages in Russia, a national distributor and retailer.

Representative Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg undertakes the policy in the field of the RF international relations in St. Petersburg, as well as the Leningrad, the Novgorod, and the Vologda Regions, the Republic of Komi, and the Nenets Autonomous District.

Key tasks of the Representative Office are ensuring communication between the MFA and the state agencies within its jurisdiction; supporting the RF constituent entities in the field of arrangement and holding of international-scale events; informing the state agencies within the RF constituent entities on key issues of Russia’s foreign policy, on a regular basis; assisting the local government agencies, public entities, and other non-state institutions as regards to international relations, etc.


Embassy of Russia in Switzerland is a diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation in the Swiss Confederation, located in Bern, the capital of the Alpine country.

Embassy of Switzerland in Russia is a diplomatic mission of Switzerland in Russia, located at: Ogorodnaya Sloboda Lane 2/5, Moscow.

As the official mission of Switzerland abroad, the Embassy handles all the issues related to diplomatic relations between the two countries. It promotes interests of Switzerland in the political, economical, and financial fields, as well as in the fields of legal relations, science, education, and culture.

For the first time, the Consulate of Switzerland in Russia was opened in St. Petersburg in 1816. The first mission was headed by the Honorary Consul. A full-fledged diplomatic mission was open in 1906, and after the revolution, it was moved to the new capital.
Today, the Consulate General of Switzerland in St. Petersburg promotes interests of Switzerland in the city and the entire North-Western region.


The Department of Culture and Tourism conserves and promotes the heritage and culture of Abu Dhabi emirate and leverages them in the development of a world-class, sustainable destination of distinction, which enriches the lives of visitors and residents alike. The organisation manages the emirate’s tourism sector and markets the destination internationally through a wide range of activities aimed at attracting visitors and investment. Its policies, plans and programmes relate to the preservation of heritage and culture, including protecting archaeological and historical sites and to developing museums, including Zayed National Museum, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, and Louvre Abu Dhabi. DCT Abu Dhabi also supports intellectual and artistic activities and cultural events to nurture a rich cultural environment and honour the emirate’s heritage. A key role is to create synergy in the destination’s development through close co-ordination with its wide-ranging stakeholder base.

The mission of the Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg:

  • Implementation and carrying out of the state policy of St. Petersburg in the sphere of development of external relations of St. Petersburg, the interregional cooperation of St. Petersburg.
  • Coordination of the development and implementation of international technical assistance and business cooperation programs, also within the framework of urban development, social development, education, culture and public health in St. Petersburg.
  • Coordination of activities for organising the participation of citizens and organisations in interregional and international conferences and other interregional and international events held by the executive authorities of St. Petersburg.
  • Organization of work to support compatriots living abroad, using their opportunities for developing relations with foreign countries.
  • Implementation of other tasks in the sphere of external relations of St. Petersburg according to the current legislation.

The Committee for City Improvement of St. Petersburg ensures the implementation of state policy and carries out state management in the field of improvement: landscape gardening, forestry, maintenance of roads and other improvement facilities, and also coordinates the activities of other executive bodies of state power of St. Petersburg in this area.

St. Petersburg Committee for Culture is a structural subdivision of the St. Petersburg City Government.

It was established for the purpose of carrying out state policy and implementing state governance in the sphere of culture and arts.

The main goals of the Committee are:

  • Preserve and rationally use the city’s cultural and historical heritage; revive and develop cultural traditions;
  • Support cultural and arts organizations in order to guarantee equal access to cultural wealth for all social groups; create favorable conditions for the development of cultural and artistic organizations;
  • Assist in the development of the system of musical and artistic educational institutions; provide support for talented children and youth;
  • Support folk art and national cultures; develop the spheres of recreation and leisure as well as cultural and educational activities; strengthen interaction between professional and amateur artistic organizations;
  • Strengthen international cultural cooperation; ensure participation of the city’s cultural and artistic organizations in international projects; promote St. Petersburg as a cultural and artistic center of international significance;
  • Organize the city’s cultural events: festivals, competitions, holidays, exhibitions, conferences and congresses;
  • Create and implement projects and strategic programs in the sphere of culture; share expertise of international and regional projects in the field.

The Committee for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of the Leningrad Region was approved by the Decree of the Government of the Leningrad Region dated December 24, 2020 No. 850.
The main directions of development of the region:
State protection and development of historical and cultural heritage.
The development of the museum business.
Development of innovative programs for informatization of the cultural heritage preservation industry.
Development of the information society, transition to the provision of state and municipal services to the population of the Leningrad Region in electronic form.

Committee for Culture and Tourism of the Leningrad Region is a branch executive body of the Leningrad Region, which is part of the Administration of the Leningrad Region, which carries out state regulation in the field of culture and tourism in the Leningrad Region.


FAI Glavgosexpertiza of Russia is a non-profit organization established for executing works and rendering services to exercise the powers of the Ministry of Construction of Russia in the sphere of organization and conducting state expert appraisal of design documentation and engineering survey results.


Architecture Council of Moscow is a standing collegial consultative body under the Moscow City Committee for Architecture and Urban Development, carrying out the review of important architectural and urban development projects and decisions.


The Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design is the oldest school of design in Russia. Today the Academy has 1,500 plus students and 200 professors and teachers and instructors. The Academy has two faculties: the Faculty of Design, and the Faculty of Monumental and Decorative Art.

Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPbGASU) is a major educational and research center, the only university in the Northwestern Federal District of the Russian Federation that provides comprehensive training in the field of construction, architecture, transport, and environmental engineering systems.

The university trains students in full-time, part-time, part-time forms of education in accordance with the approved programs of higher professional education.

Mayakovsky Central City Public Library is one of the largest libraries in St. Petersburg, a modern cultural, informational and educational center. The library dates back to 1868. The name of Vladimir Mayakovsky was given to the library in 1953.

The library fund includes an extensive collection of works of fiction in Russian and foreign languages, publications on economics, technology, law, natural science, history and other field.

The library provides free access to electronic resources, free access to the Wi-Fi network, and also offers many creative projects, promotions, concerts, lectures, meetings, exhibitions and other cultural programs.

Organizational partner

Leningrad Regional Universal Scientific Library is the central state library of the region, the custodian of the most complete fund of local history documents; an information and methodological center for public libraries in the region, which determines the strategic directions for the development of the industry, organizes professional interaction between the libraries of the Leningrad region.


Moscow School of Contemporary Art is a faculty of the Universal University. It is a continuation and development of, more than 10 years of experience, in the field of fine art and international education at the British Higher School of Art and Design. Throughout this period the school has collaborated with many key art institutions in Russia, the UK and beyond.

The school offers educational programmes in conjunction with the British Higher School of Art and Design, as well as new short-term and long-term programmes in various formats in the field of art management, art business and curating.

Legal partner

Nordic Star Law Offices is a legal services leader in Russia. The firm provide the full range of legal services for business to clients from any sector of the economy throughout Russia and in most of the former Soviet states.

Nordic Star focuses on M&A, Corporate Law and Commercial Contracts, Real Estate & Construction, Dispute Resolution, Competition and Antitrust, Restructuring, Insolvency & Bankruptcy, Intellectual Property, Information Technology, and Employment. This allows to develop and implement effective solutions for clients tailored to the needs of a specific business. 

Nordic Star Law Offices was established in 2022 by partners of Borenius’ Russian office (Borenius Attorneys Russia Ltd), whose head office is in Helsinki. The team stay in touch with their international partners, which opens up access for the clients to the services of professionals from the EU, US and other regions and countries.

Official partner in the USA

The Lazar Khidekel Society is a nonprofit organization established by the family of Lazar Khidekel and a group of distinguished art historians, museum specialists, and art supporters under the auspices of the Russian American Cultural Center (RACC) in New York, New York.

The goal of the Lazar Khidekel Society is to sustain and preserve Lazar Khidekel's legacy in art, architecture, and design, and to advance the recognition of Lazar Khidekel (1904, Vitebsk – 1986, Leningrad), as one of the titans of the Russian Avant-garde.

To sufficiently promote the work of the Lazar Khidekel Society, the following committees have been established:

  • The Exhibition Committee implementing the Society's mission to further the awareness and understanding of Lazar Khidekel's legacy by producing exhibitions, publications, and conferences.
  • The Education Committee creating educational activities and welcoming graduate and Ph.D. students and independent researchers to explore Lazar Khidekel's archive.
  • The Preservation Committee paying special attention to the conservation and preservation of Lazar Khidekel's works and his unique archive. 
  • The integrity and consistency of the artist's heritage is a primary concern and composes the duties of the Authenticity Committee. 
  • In order to create a living monument to Lazar Khidekel and his pioneering ideals, the Development Committee has been established.

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