What is (who is) Golden Trezzini?
The Awards are named after Domenico Trezzini (1670—1734), the first architect of St. Petersburg, born in Switzerland.

Why Golden?
Winners are awarded with designer Domenico Trezzini golden figurines.

What differs Golden Trezzini from other competitions for architects and designers?
Detailed answer is here.

Who can take part in the Golden Trezzini Awards?
Nominees from across the globe are invited to participate the Awards – developers and design engineers, architects and renovators, designers and decorators, as well as students of architectural schools and departments.
The project submitted for the Awards can be located in any country around the world as well.
The only restriction is the participant’s age – we accept entries from people above 16.

How much is the participation cost?
Zero much! Participation is free of charge.

When is the entry submission deadline?
Entries for 2021 International Golden Trezzini Awards for Architecture and Design are accepted from March 15 through October 1, 2021.

What categories does the Awards include?
For the categories list and their brief description please check here.

How do I submit an entry?
To submit an entry please fill in the form.

Can I submit several projects to the Awards?
Yes, one submitter is entitled to submit an unlimited number of entries to the Awards as long as he/she submits only one entry under each category.

Can I submit one project under several categories?
Yes, one project can be submitted under different categories (for instance, like a residential estate project and like a landscaping design for a residential estate), but one and the same image must not be submitted under different categories.

Can I submit several projects under one category?
No, one submitter is only entitled to submit one project under each category.

Can I submit the project that has already participated in the Golden Trezzini Awards before?
Yes, it is allowed as long as the project complies with the terms effective in the current year.

Can I submit a project which has participated in some other competition or won any other award before?
Yes, such projects can be submitted. 

How old can be the projects submitted to the Awards?
In 2021, the projects eligible for participation are the ones designed (if not implemented) and implemented over the period of January 1, 2019, to the date of the Awards entry submission.

You have two categories for students. Can students submit their projects under other categories?
No, to ensure equal competition terms for participants under each category, the Arrangements Committee of the Awards decided to accept projects by students only under special categories for students. There are exclusions for the «Best Architectural Design for Museum» and «Best Design Project for Library» categories where entries from students are allowed.

Does the character limit for entry text fields include spaces?
Yes, the maximum characters are given with spaces included.

How should I fill in the entry form if the project has several authors?
Please, report one of the authors in the field “Applicant” and the rest of them in the field “Author (s) of the project.”

Can I change the entry sent?
We’re afraid that no changes can be made in an entry submitted. In case you notice any omissions or technical inaccuracies in your entry, please, inform the Arrangements Committee of the Awards about it at [email protected].

What requirements apply to images attached to an entry?
We accept JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, and BMP files. Every image can be 1 MB at max.
Collages, plans, schemes, maps, as well as images with any extraneous graphic objects in the image (watermarks, copyright badges, copyright dies, frames, inscriptions and signatures, logos, web addresses, dates, corporate identity elements) are not accepted.
Under categories featuring implemented projects only photographs are accepted (no drawings or 3D images are allowed). Under the said categories, no computer visualizations are accepted made by means of rendering, and neither are photographs edited with addition of extra-objects to original photographs.
Digital treatment (procession) of a photograph must not change its content. We accept digital adjustment, including color shades and contrast, exposition, framing, perspective correction, sharpening, noise reduction, minor cleanup, HDR editing, etc., as long as basically the photos remain genuine.
To make sure that a photo isn’t a product of computer procession, the Arrangements Committee of the Awards reserves the right to require its original by e-mail from the submitter. The original picture must contain complete EXIF data (camera name, lens used, exposition parameters, etc.). In case the submitter refuses to provide the original picture, his/her project won’t be admitted to the Awards.

What should I do to present my project in my entry properly?
Please, make your entry as complete and accurate as possible, and provide only the relevant data in every field. First of all, make sure you submit the actual data about the project without self-promotion and exaggerations. Images will be the key part of your entry, so double check that you submit the best ones you have available. If your project has been implemented, professional photographs will be an advantage.
Besides, you might find it useful to check the winners of the previous years: 20202019 and 2018.

Can I add references to project images and videos to my entry?
Yes, and we’d definitely recommend to do so. In the entry form, there are special fields for your reference links to photo galleries, videos and/or 3D panorama of the project at outside sources.

How do I know that my entry has been sent successfully?
Soon after you’ve sent your entry, you’ll receive an automatically generated confirmation letter. The Arrangements Committee of the Awards will contact you additionally in case they have any questions on your entry.

How do I know that my entry has been accepted for the Awards?
All the approved entries are published at our web-site within 14 days.

Can my entry be rejected?
Yes, the Arrangements Committee reserves the right to deny a submitter participation in the Awards at their sole discretion. In case of denial, the submitter will be notified by e-mail.

How does a foreign participant submit a project?
Submitters that don’t know Russian can use the entry form in English. We’re sorry to announce that for now entries are only accepted in Russian and in English.

What prizes can winners of the Golden Trezzini get?
Winners in all the categories but for the Best Implemented Façade or Interior Project Using Ceramics and the Best Implemented Interior Design Project Using Works of Art are awarded with Domenico Trezzini designer golden figurines and winner’s certificates. Winners in the Best Implemented Façade or Interior Project Using Ceramics and the Best Implemented Interior Design Project Using Works of Art are awarded with winner’s certificates and special prizes – Ceramic Trezzini and Golden Trezzini Compasses, correspondingly. The Awarding Ceremony will take place in November 2021 in St. Petersburg.
Moreover, projects submitted by the winners will be added to the collection of the Awards partner – the State Museum of St. Petersburg History, and showcased at an annual exhibition in the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Does the winner have to pay for a figurine, participation in the Awarding Ceremony, the exhibition, and for his/her project addition to the museum collection?
No, participation in the Golden Trezzini Awards is absolutely free of charge, and neither nominees nor winners shall incur any hidden costs.

How do I know if I win?
The Arrangements Committee will contact every winner by e-mail to inform of their victory and invite them to the Awarding ceremony.

How do I get my prize if I have won the Awards but can’t attend the Awarding Ceremony?
Please contact the Arrangements Committee: [email protected].

Are travel and accommodation costs covered for participants coming from other cities and countries?
We are sorry to announce that at the moment the Awards budget doesn’t afford covering of winners’ expenses. Winners are suggested to come to the Ceremony at their own expense.
We really hope that this will change and we can change the answer to this question!

How do I get an invitation for my colleagues, family members, friends, if I win the Awards but receive one person’s invitation?
As the number of seats at the ceremony is limited, we can only provide one invitation for every winner. To get extra seats you can buy tickets from the Arrangements Committee’s official: [email protected].

I haven’t won the Awards, but would like to visit the Awarding Ceremony. How do I do it?
Please contact the Arrangements Committee to buy tickets to the Ceremony: [email protected].

How do the Jury members vote?
The voting takes place online, and every member of the Jury is provided with a login and a password to access the special private section of the web-site and evaluate every project.

How can you prove that the Awards result haven’t been falsified as long as winners are decided in an online closed voting?
The voting results are checked and verified by our auditor, Borenius legal company. Borenius is one of the largest legal companies in the North-West Russia. They render a comprehensive range of legal services in the field of business activities to Russian and foreign customers from various economical sectors throughout Russia.
The impeccable reputation of our independent auditor guarantees that the results of voting by the Golden Trezzini Jury are valid. If you have any questions regarding the procedure of voting results verification, please, contact Borenius company: [email protected], +7 (812) 335 2220.

What are the criteria for the project evaluation?
When voting for every category, our experts have to evaluate every project on a scale from 1 to 10, using as a guide their personal preferences and a combination of the following criteria:

  • Can the project be called a piece of art?
  • How professional is the nominee?
  • Is it expedient to include the project into the museum collection?

Evaluation is based on a scale where 1 stands for “This project definitely can’t be called a piece of art, demonstrates low professionalism, and doesn’t deserve to be included into the museum collection”, and where 10 stands for “This project definitely can be called a piece of art, demonstrates high professionalism, and deserves to be included into the museum collection”.

I see a Jury member’s project among the nominees. Isn't that a conflict of interest?
Projects created by Jury members or companies/individuals affiliated with them are allowed to take part in the competition. Nevertheless, if such project becomes a finalist, the affiliated Jury member cannot vote in the category this project participates in.

What is the Qualification Committee?
The Golden Trezzini Awards will be arranged in two stages. The Qualification Committee, including only professional architects, renovators, and teachers from architectural higher schools will evaluate al the entries approved for participation and shortlist three finalists for every category. Experts of Jury will evaluate the projects submitted by the finalists and decide the winners.

How do I know if my project is passed by the Qualification Committee and shortlisted among the finalists for the Jury members to vote?
The short-list of finalists will be posted at our website on October 20, 2021. Besides, all the finalists will be informed by e-mail.

If my project hasn’t made it to the final, can I obtain an Awards participation certificate?
Yes, such certificates in PDF (high resolution, suitable for printing) will be emailed to the finalists after the Awarding ceremony. 

Why so many experts on the Jury?
This is for multi-faceted vision. The motto of the Awards is “Architecture as art,” but at the same time, there are no criteria to determine what can be treated as art and what can’t. Admittedly, an object (an action, a text and so on) becomes a work of art only after experts with authoritative judgment call it so – artists, critics, and art historians. To start a discussion about some phenomenon as a work of art means to introduce it into the art field. Architecture is no exception. Bringing together the members of the Golden Trezzini Grand Jury, we tried to establish an international expert community, uniting professionals in the fields of architecture, design, renovation, and museum business, as well as representatives of diplomatic and business networks, the mass media, government officials, the educational community, along with people of arts. The mission of this community is to scout for architectural, designer and restoration projects that in terms of artistic value can be regarded as works of art.
In 2017, Pavel Chernyakov, Chief Editor of the St. Petersburg magazine Galereya Dizayna i Arkhitektury ('Gallery of Design & Architecture'), supported by the Consulate General of Switzerland initiated an annual awards for architecture and design – the Golden Trezzini. The Awards started with 38 people on the Jury and a wish to hold an annual ceremony. The first ceremony took place in 2018. Next year, it was decided to extend the Jury, as the more experts, the more substantial final evaluation of every project. Today, the Jury of the Golden Trezzini International Awards numbers 200+ people, the International Council and the Qualification Committee included.
To put things into perspective, let’s check the Jury of Oscar Awards. 90 years before the Golden Trezzini was established, Lazar Meir, a former national of the Russian Empire, who in the USA became Louis Burt Mayer, the boss of MGM Studio, initiated the foundation of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Academy started with 36 people and a wish to hold an annual ceremony. The first ceremony took place in 1929, and a year after that they decided to extend the number of Academy members, as the more experts, the more substantial evaluation of every film. Today, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences numbers 8,000+ people!

Who sponsors the Awards?
The Awards is arranged only thanks to funds provided by our commercial partners. 

How do I become a sponsor or a partner for the Golden Trezzini Awards?
We welcome new partnership proposals and are totally open for any feedback. If you want to join the Awards as a partner, please contact the Arrangements Committee: [email protected].

I still have some questions, how can I ask them?
Please feel free to contact us by e-mail: [email protected] or via our social media pages:

Facebook: https://facebook.com/trezziniawards
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trezziniawards 

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